Cultivating good

We invest in companies, driving both financial returns and positive social and environmental impact, integrating ESG criteria.

Pollen Group is a dynamic leader in impact investments, dedicated to shaping a brighter future. We collaborate with experts, drive innovation through hands-on investments, and achieve remarkable milestones in research and team building.

Passion as a growth factor

We are a people-oriented venture capital firm driven by boundless passion, relentless curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges that impact humanity.

This unique philosophy is the cornerstone of our approach, where we evaluate ventures through the ROH (Return on Happiness) model. By integrating financial considerations with social outcomes, we ensure that every investment we make not only grows but also brings happiness and positive change to the world.



We invest in unlocking the full potential of our portfolio companies through strategic guidance and industry connections, enabling them to achieve sustainable growth and create a positive impact worldwide.



Thanks to our hands-on approach, we are able to give our portfolio companies unmatched support and guidance, solving problems, providing smart tools, and putting them on the path to success.



Our Venture Garden is designed to promote cooperation and resource sharing for the benefit of all portfolio companies, facilitating strategic partnerships, enhancing value, and opening doors to global markets.

Our Investment Focus

Pollen Group specializes in impactful investments that create positive change.

Our primary sectors include sustainable tech, healthcare innovation, Biotech and more. We support early-stage and growth companies, actively nurturing innovation to address pressing global challenges. At Pollen Group, we invest in both companies and a shared future.

Sector Agnostic

We seek innovative opportunities across various sectors, from technology to healthcare and clean energy.

Collaborative Synergy

We harness the power of collaboration, building strong partnerships with founders and co-investors to drive innovation and success.

Hands-On Partnership

Beyond funding, we actively partner with portfolio companies, offering mentorship, networking, and operational expertise.

Long-Term Commitment

We adopt a patient capital approach, supporting companies on their transformative journey over the long haul.

Our Portfolio

Our Team

Our Partners

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