About Us

Pollen Group is an investment group established in 2020, with a mission to create a better world by nurturing brilliant entrepreneurs and impactful innovations through a unique model of venture capital investments.

We focus on disruptive technologies that contribute to the well-being of our environment and humanity, while cultivating a global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and experts. Inspired by nature, we aim to harness the power of a group to improve lives and reshape industries.

Our Vision

Pollen Group was founded to shape a better future, inspired by the essential role our namesake plays in nature. We aspire to grow and nurture revolutionary ideas in our unique Venture Garden, supplying the nourishment they need in the form of investment, expertise, and resources.

By supporting this new ecosystem with its roots in the wisdom of the natural world, we aim to create meaningful, ongoing positive impact around the globe.

Investment Approach

Guided by foresight and expertise, our strategic approach is calibrated to maximize value for our portfolio companies and investors alike, while also focusing on positive societal and environmental impact.

We recognize that success takes both time and effort. That’s why we adopt a hands-on approach for the long term, actively partnering with our portfolio companies to infuse not just capital, but also crucial mentorship, networking, and operational expertise.

Creativity Cultivators

Nurturing creative concepts‭ ‬from the smallest seed of an idea into a flourishing‭, ‬successful enterprise by supplying the nourishment‭, ‬tools‭, ‬and expertise needed for healthy sustained‭ ‬growth‭.‬

Positive Thinkers

Pursuing the positive‭ ‬avenues that will lead to real results and genuine solutions for the worlds of today and tomorrow‭, ‬by focusing on how to effectively overcome core challenges in the way that generates the greatest positive impact‭.‬

Business Pioneers

Building on proven‭ ‬experience and breaking new ground by exploring promising new frontiers that will yield innovative new resources‭, ‬promote wellness for humanity‭, ‬and pave the way toward future development‭.‬

Passionate Collaborators

Leveraging extensive‭ ‬multidisciplinary connections and bringing leading experts together from diverse fields to combine capabilities‭, ‬form knowledge‭ ‬networks‭, ‬and create new value that is far greater than the sum of its parts‭.‬

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